Neighborhood Watch

Know your Neighbors,Throw a Block Party

Do you know the neighbors on your block?I bet 75% of the world doesn't.It just isn't the same way it was when I grew up in a small town.I knew everyone including their dogs,cats and horses names.Even after I grew up and moved away from my home town,I got acquanted with my new neighbors,either by going door to door or having a block party to get acquanted.Other ways to get acquanted with the neighbor hood is to share your expertise in a subject such as Plumbing,Electrical or Woodworking to name a few.A project around the home goes alot faster if you invite freinds and neighbors to help.After the project is complete then you can have a barbeque to show your appreciation.If you have a neighbor that stands off and away from the crowd you should do a little investigating.One way is through the Megan website,another is through the County web site Criminal Calender.Some of these sites are free and some cost a few dollars.But I think it is worth it to know your neighbors that do not want to become part of the neighborhood,especially if you have Children. Here are a few suggestions to get started;Call the local Police Dept. and tell them your plans.Sometimes they will put baricades up,to keep traffic from entering that area. Check to see if you need a permit from city hall.Make sure you have a sufficient supply of Garbage Containers handy.Plan the food and drinks. Call it international night and have each family make a dish that is unique to its heritage. Or have everyone bring their own food to grill. This is a surprisingly effective way to get strangers to mingle easily--they feel less awkward with something to do. Have everyone prepare his or her favorite cocktails and munchies for a happy hour. Don't forget nonalcoholic punches for those who don't drink alcohol and for the children. You may even want a band to play for the group.Dress up the block with colorful decorations. Buy lots of balloons and have everyone tie them to trees and fences on their property. You might consider a block theme color and decorate accordingly. Ask each family to make a family banner to display on its front lawn. Hang pinatas for the kids. Tiki torches and lots of twinkling lights are festive when the sun sets.This is making me hungry just writing it.Enjoy and have a festive time,but by all means get acquanted with your neighbors